Dry Eye Assessment and Treatment

Dry Eye Syndrome is an increasingly common problem around the world. This occurs due to insufficient quality and quantity of the tears to keep the eyes lubricated. It causes discomfort and even pain for sufferers of the condition, and it becomes more common as we age, as we spend more time staring at screen based equipment, and it occurs more commonly in females. This is a disease which is largely related to the Meibomian glands, tiny little glands which are located at the edges of our eyelids, at the eyelid margins next to our eyelashes.

Here at Prime Vision-Care Centres we have invested in specialised equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome. Fortunately we are seeing tremendous improvements in the quality of people’s ocular dryness problems with the treatments we now have available. Our Dry Eye assessment and treatment equipment is located at our Ormond practice. Please ask us about having this assessed if you are concerned you may be suffering from this annoying condition.