Individual Customised Spectacle Lens Designs

Every person’s eyes and their vision requirements are individual. This depends upon their occupation, their hobbies, and their sporting and leisure activities. Also, we all have different preferences as to what types of lenses we may prefer due to our previous experiences and sometime even our individual biases. As such, at Prime Vision-Care Centres we customise every person’s spectacle lenses to their individual requirements. Our range of different lens options include: Single Vision Spectacle Lenses, Bifocal Spectacle Lenses, Trifocal Spectacle Lenses, Multifocal Spectacle Lenses, Occupational Spectacle Lenses, Anti-Fatigue Spectacle Lenses, Anti-Reflective Multi-Coatings, Photosensitive Lenses, Polarised Lenses, Sunglasses (Prescription and Non-Prescription), as well as other rare lens designs which we can obtain if you have special requirements. Please feel free to discuss your lens requirements with us so we can customize the best lens designs for your individual situation.