Vision Correction While Sleeping

Orthokeratology is a revolutionary technique of fitting hard contact lenses to be worn overnight while you are asleep, gently reshaping the front surface of your eyes to correct your vision and allow you to see clearly without the need to wear the lenses during the day.

This non-surgical process is an alternative therapy to glasses, conventional contact lenses, and even excimer laser surgery. This enables people to go about their daily lives without the need to have to have more conventional forms of vision correction. An additional benefit of Orthokeratology is that it has been shown to slow down and in some cases even stop completely the progression of short-sightedness (or “Myopia”) in younger people’s eyes who are prone to this condition. In 2014 Prime Vision-Care Centres became a member of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania. Feel free to ask us for more about this exciting new development in Vision Care.